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At TRACE Brand Marketing we orchestrate an Architecturally Creative Empowerment Plan to feature your business powerfully. We focus on ACEing and highlighting who you are and what the heart of your company has to offer through strategic branding and organized networking. 


Jeanette Da Rosa


For over 25 years, Jeanette Da Rosa has successfully helped build, organize and expand corporate businesses for others. In 2016, she discovered her passion for entrepreneurial small business and wanted to broaden her talents into new levels of opportunity. Jeanette has always thrived on success and she feels passionately that everyone should have the ability to do what they love and make money at it. Jeanette started taking on projects for friends and found she had a true talent and passion for help others build and fulfill their dreams. She created O.N. (Organized Networking) to help bridge the gap between people and what stops them. Having come from highly networked businesses like Silicon Valley's tech industry and property management, allows Jeanette to refer clients to individuals who can assist in the expansion of each individualized business. Today, TRACE Brand Marketing seeks, inspires and develops strong marketing strategies to help small businesses reach the next level. It's her way of ensuring an ACE  in the  hole!

People are the heart of any business. Without amazing staff, a desirable product and incredible clients ultimately you have no business. At TRACE Brand Marketing we recognize no one knows your business better than you. We take your passion for your company and expand it into a marketable brand that can flourish exponentially. 


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